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How does it work?

Flat Seal® is installed quickly and easily through the valve stem – average installation time is just minutes per tire. Once the vehicle is driven, the fluid action of Flat Seal® causes the entire inner liner and rim to be evenly coated with Flat Seal®. Special adhesion properties keep the solution in place at all times, ready to seal any source of air loss.

What are the Flat Seal® Performance Facts?


 Prevents Porosity, bead, and valve stem leaks.
 Pays for itself by reducing repair bills and increasing tread wear.
 Contains three rust inhibitors to prevent rust on rims, steel belts, and valve stems.
 Reduces heat buildup.
 Will not affect tire balance if properly installed.
 Will not freeze down to -35 degrees F.
 Is unaffected by extreme heat up to 360 degrees F.
 Will not void tire manufacturers warranties.
 Will not harden in tire.
 Guaranteed effective for the legal life of your tires.
 Permanently seals punctures in the tread area of your tires, up to ¼” in diameter, while you drive.
 Prevents dry rot.
 Puncture sealing is greatest in tubeless tires—but also effective in tube type tires. 
 Does not affect the tire sensors.

Permanent seal

  • It's that simple

    When a puncture occurs, centrifugal force of the rotating tire and the internal pressure force Flat Seal® into the puncture. A permanent seal is formed as the puncture is packed with the fibers and other solids. Some of the material will go through the hole to the outside of the tire. When this material is exposed to air, it dries and forms a permanent and flexible seal. It's that simple.

  • Easily seal holes

    Flat Seal® will easily seal holes up to one-quarter inch in diameter. Depending on the size of the puncture, the thickness of the tread, and the number of plies, larger holes will normally seal if they are near to the center of the tread area. A puncture that occurs while driving the vehicle will seal almost instantly and very little air will be lost before a permanent seal is made.

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