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We are NOT a typical tire & wheel program*.

Yes, our performance is guaranteed by an A-rated insurer; our program is available in all fifty (50) states; and we include a 24/7 roadside assistance benefit; but what makes our program unique is that we also include a tire life extender sealant for each tire that will not only reduce tire failure and inconvenience but is proven to extend the life of the tire in more than 30%.

In 1992, Flat Seal Chemists created a revolutionary chemical structure that causes the tire enhancer to continuously remain fluid so that it will immediately fill and seal any hole in the tread area where air can escape from the tire. Simultaneously, the sealant is causing the tires to run cooler, which is prolonging their tread life. When this happens, you will not have to replace your tires as often as you did before! In addition, this formula was designed NOT to clog or interfere with the tire pressure monitoring systems.

Last, but not least, if the sealant fails to perform as designed and you experience a puncture that disables your vehicle, we will pay to repair your tire and if it cannot be repaired, we will replace your tire. Plus, the 24/7 roadside assistance benefit will minimize your inconvenience.